Is Life Insurance An Asset Like Your House, Cash, Or Gold?

Is Life Insurance An Asset?

There are many types of life insurance policiesIs life insurance an asset? Do you consider your life insurance policy to be an asset like your house, cash in your bank account, or the gold bullion bars under your bed? Is life insurance the new asset class?

Are our net worth’s about to skyrocket? It is an interesting idea that has been gaining in popularity in the personal finance circles.

There are several reasons that you may want to consider your life insurance policy to be an asset. But, there are also plenty of reasons not to think of it in that way.

Is Life Insurance An Asset? Maybe!

I will start by saying that I am not a fan of this new philosophy. I personally do feel that life insurance policies are an asset. They are simply a tool. They aren’t a tangible asset that you can touch.

With that being said, there are a few circumstances where I can see that people would include their life insurance policies as an asset. Most of them revolve around whole life insurance policies which are very expensive for people to own. There are much better uses of your principle payments than whole life insurance which is also known as cash value insurance policies.

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Three Top Money Tips For College Freshmen

If you could go back and tell your “past” self one thing, what would you tell him? Would you tell yourself to go a little easier with credit cards? Do you wish that you had started investing at a young age? Have your parents tried to give you advice and money tips for first-year college students? Here are some of the best money tips for college freshmen to know as they head off to college. What you learn can help you for a lifetime. With college students about the flood of our nation’s colleges and universities in the coming weeks, there are several money tips for college freshmen, and the rest of the student body should heed. Three Money Tips For … Read more

Are You Ready to Invest in a Rental Property?

This is a guest post from Emily Guy Birken who writes at One Money Design. Now seems like the perfect time for investors to get started in the landlord business. The housing market is still recovering, which means that home prices are reasonable, interest rates are low, and rents tend to be relatively high. Under these circumstances, buying a rental property seems like a no-brainer. However, owning an investment rental property is not all about pushing wheelbarrows of passive income to the bank. Being a landlord comes with many risks-and just like any investment, you may not see a payoff. To know if you’re ready to handle these risks, ask yourself the following questions: 1. Do I have the necessary cash? … Read more

Four Best Home Insurance Discounts To Ask For

Home Insurance questions and answersYou may qualify for certain discounts on your home insurance that you are not taking advantage of. You need to make sure that you ask your home insurance company if you qualify for home insurance discounts and are receiving these discounts on your homeowner’s insurance policy. Not capturing all of them can cost you a significant amount of money each year.
Allstate Renters Insurance

Four Best Home Insurance Discounts You Need

Bundling Car And Home Insurance

Most people have seen the commercials about bundling your home and car insurance together in order to receive discounts on both. This is very true. Far too many people are focused on shopping around for the best insurance rates, but the best rates might be right there at home with your current provider.

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Where Should A New Investor Put $1,000 To Work In The Market?

Where To Invest 1000 In Today's Market

I asked 12 of the best personal finance bloggers and money experts the best way to invest money to get an idea of where to start investing. “What is the best way to invest money for a brand new investor? Where should a brand new investor put $1,000 to work in the market?” And, I was not disappointed by their answers. Here are what they said… The Best Way to Invest Money for a New Stock Investor J Money from Budgets Are Sexy – It’s always hard to advise someone the best way to invest money without knowing them at all or their comfortableness with risk, etc, but I know for me (a riskier type of guy) I enjoy investing in stocks … Read more

Top Tips to Save Money on Your Water Bill in Your Home

Advantages Of Dividend Reinvestment Plans

If you live in a drought-prone region, such as the American Southwest, you know that water is in short supply. As a result, water is often expensive. And, the more you use equates into the more that you have to pay for this often scarce resource. Do you know how to save on your water bill?

Here are some basic tips to help you save money on your water bill.

Saving Water Inside Your Home

In the home, you can save water in a variety of places. In the kitchen, you should concentrate on saving water. Always use your dishwasher in order to save money on your water bill.

Contrary to popular belief, it actually takes more water to wash dishes by hand than it does to run the dishwasher. And, when you use the dishwasher, do not pre-rinse your dishes. You should simply just scrape and put the plates inside because today’s modern dishwashers are very powerful at removing grime from your plates.

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