Tips To Selling Your House Quickly When You Need The Cash

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Selling Your House Quickly

If you are considering selling your house quickly and you need a quick sale on the open market, there are a two things that will attract potential cash buyers to your sale, appearance and pricing.

If a cash buyer is looking for a good deal on a property, be it for investment or for their own residential home; usually there first priority is getting the price right, and finding a bargain. If you can price your property effectively and undercut other properties in your area, you are well on your way to getting the cash sale that you desperately need.

If you don’t want to give out huge discounts on your property in order to sell it, there are other ways you can entice buyers with pricing. How about agreeing to pay their legal fees for them? Or gifting them surveyor costs? Anything that you do to make your price more attractive will surely send buyers flocking to your property sale.

Selling Your House Quickly When You Need Cash

Realistic Pricing Matters

Getting the valuation right on your home in the first instance is crucial when you need a fast house sale. Overvaluing your home will just set you back further, and increase the time it takes to sell – if you are desperate to get the cash out of your property, any delays could be vital and may cause you to get into further trouble with your bank which may lead to repossession procedures.

To get a reasonable accurate valuation of your property, the best place to start is to look at recent sales in your area. There are various tools online such as NetHousePrices, and Zoopla that can give you this information for free. Once you have this, you can average the sale prices out, and come up with a valuation for your home. If you are looking to sell quickly, it may be an idea to consider discounting a further 5-10% from this figure in order to attract cash buyers to your property listing. Remember, cash buyers can buy in as little as 7 days, whereby a regular mortgage purchase will take over 1 month.

Fix Those Repairs & Simple Staging

Nobody likes to see mess or clutter, so a quick tidy up is always good when you have potential buyers coming to view your property. Why not consider hiring a storage box to put any unnecessary items in, making your home look cleaner, fresher and more spacious?

If you have the odd repair that needs doing, such as a leaky tap, squeaky door or dirty walls that need a freshen up with paint; make sure to get them all done before potential buyers come round. Even cash buyers and investors will be put off with repairs, so patch things up and make them look good. It will all pay off when you want to sell quickly.

If all else fails and you are struggling to sell your property quickly on the open market, another alternative would be to see advice for a genuine cash buying company. Although you will expected to discount your property sale amount – at least you are getting a guaranteed buyer. If you want more information on services like this, try High Price Paid for free advice. You can get a free valuation online, directly on the HPP website; which will give you an indicative offer of what you can expect them to pay for your property. If you aren’t happy with the offer, you can walk away at any point. What’s more there are no fees to pay for this service, so you can’t really lose.

The following is a guest post on Money Q&A. If you would like to write an article for Money Q&A, please visit our Guest Posting Guidelines page.

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