Review of SPENT Money App: How to Earn Cash Back on Purchases

If you’re not consistently maintaining and adjusting a budget for your personal and business-related expenses, then you might run the risk of blowing your budget simply due to disorganization issues. That’s why personal finance management apps like SPENT Money exist. Their goal is to help folks keep track of their financial lives, whether they’re at home, at the store, or even in another country.

In addition to helping you manage your business expenses, the SPENT Money app offers its users thousands of opportunities to earn cashback on purchases. You can earn from nearly every category imaginable, such as travel, office supplies, restaurants, groceries, and so much more.

The SPENT Money app is also unique in that it has a receipt scanning function to help you keep track of printed receipts and purchases made with cash. If you’re looking for a top-notch budgeting app with awesome cash-back potential, then you won’t want to miss these great features from the SPENT Money app.

SPENT Money App Review

Automatic Cash-Back Opportunities

The problem with many cash-back offers is that they require so many extra steps. For some, you have to mail or email in your rebate offer, while for others, you have to wait until a promo code or coupon becomes available. With the SPENT Money app, however, you can get cash-back offers automatically when you sync your debit or credit card with the app.

There are dozens of categories available for automatic cash-back offers, including hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops like Panera Bread and Starbucks, retail stores like Staples and Petsmart, and thousands of well-known websites like Groupon and Amazon.

Whether you’re booking business travel or leisure travel, SPENT Money allows you to earn as much as 35% cashback on your purchases with minimal effort required. Better yet, you can get a $10 bonus when you make an eligible purchase after first downloading the app.

Personal Finance Management Software 

One of the best ways to organize your personal finances is to figure out a system that works best for you. This is why SPENT Money is such a great app. It not only helps you discover automatic cash-back offers, but it helps you keep track of your budget and expenses while you’re out and about.

When you sync up your debit and credit cards with the app, you can import purchases directly to the expense manager. From there, you can differentiate between personal and business expenses by itemizing your spending and organizing purchases into customized categories. This feature alone makes SPENT Money an incredibly useful app for anyone who is self-employed, freelancing, or regularly gets reimbursements from their employers.

Receipt Scanning

For cash purchases, you can upload receipts through the nifty scanning feature in the SPENT Money app. You can also scan receipts via email, which helps you keep track of your expenses all in one convenient location.

This feature is ideal for anyone who wants to reduce paper clutter by digitalizing their receipts or anyone who maintains a cash-only budget and wants to stay organized. By keeping all of your receipts in the SPENT Money app, you won’t have to worry about missing out on reimbursement opportunities. And, you can maximize your tax deductions for business-related expenses.

Should You Download the SPENT Money App? 

The first step towards better personal financial management begins with keeping track of all of your expenses, rather than loosely following a budget, occasionally checking your credit card statements, and hoping for the best. With SPENT Money, you’ll be able to organize and itemize your expenses. You’ll also get the added bonus of automatic cash-back offers.

Since cash-back offers require little to no effort, why miss out on the chance to save money on purchases you were going to make anyway? This comprehensive app is truly a great way to improve your financial management, keep track of all your purchases, and save money on a majority of your purchases.

For freelancers and small business owners, in particular, SPENT Money is one of the best solutions to disorganized expense tracking. The app’s user-friendliness, flexibility, and wide range of useful features are almost unparalleled. So, download the free app today to get back on track to better budgeting and greater savings.

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