How Much Is Flood Insurance? Myths You Need To Know!

How Much Is Flood Insurance?

How much is flood insurance? And, do you even need flood insurance for your home or business? The answer may surprise you. This insurance is a very beneficial type of coverage that is useful for both commercial and residential property owners. Floods can cause significant amounts of damage to any type of property, and this damage can lead to thousands of dollars in losses. Flooding occurs more often than tornadoes, earthquakes, or hurricanes. Between 2005 and 2014, flood insurance claims averaged more than $3.5 billion per year. The best thing to do is to take preventative action by choosing a insurance policy to have coverage before disaster strikes. This article covers this particular type of insurance, how much is flood insurance, and … Read more

Different Types of Insurance Available

Types of InsuranceInsurance is a financial product in which companies that offer it will take on some form of monetary risk in return for the payment of premiums. There are many types of insurance that you may want to consider purchasing to protect yourself and your family.

An individual will typically invest in it to guard against having to pay out a large sum of money for common problems that may occur. Being insured gives peace of mind that should disaster strike, the financial implications of this can be dealt with and some of the common insurance products available include the following.

Life Insurance

No one wants to think about dying although all adults need to consider the problems this can leave for family members. This is especially true for those that are breadwinners, and life insurance is designed to pay out a sum of money in the event of the insured person dying.

This is most commonly paid to a family member and is a way for someone to ensure their loved ones are provided for in the event of their death. Contacting a company that offers this is a way to get life insurance quotes that will show how much money can be obtained for different premiums.

Property Insurance

Anyone buying a home or business premises will usually have to get property insurance as part of the deal for receiving a mortgage. This type of business insurance can have a few elements to it, with the two most common being building and contents.

The building part covers for the cost of damage to the property caused by fire, flood, and other disasters. The contents part covers for the loss of the property owner’s belongings due to theft, vandalism, or damage.

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Is Buying An Extended Warranty Right For You?

Buying An Extended Warranty

Buying An Extended WarrantyI recently had the  opportunity to interview Stephen Ebbett, President of Protect Your Bubble is a third party gadget insurer (extended warranty provider). We talked about buying an extended warranty. We talked about when you should and shouldn’t buy extended warranties. We also talked about the difference between insurance and warranties.

Why are extended warranties offered for every imaginable gadget and electronics? Why do they seem to be on the rise and offered by every retailer imaginable? Do they deserve the bad rap that they have gotten? Is buying an extended warranty right right you?

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Below is my interview with Stephen Ebbett. My questions are in bold. And his responses are right below each of them. Hope you enjoy!

Tell us a little bit about “ProtectYourBubble,” what is it, what do you offer on the site?

We’re a specialist insurer, and we’re also an insurance company strictly for gadgets such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, and cameras. We offer both insurance and also extended warranties as well.

And we just provide choices to customers of the different options they might be able to buy. One of our competitive advantages is the speed at which we replace your device. So if you lose or break your device, we’ll ship a device out to you so you’ll have a new device the very next day.

Why bubble? What is that a reference?

We’re cognizant that our lives these days they’re very fragile. And particularly when it comes to smart phones, you know, we need to be connected. To a certain extent, our world is quite fragile, kind of this bubble, and it can burst very easily.

And if you’ve ever been away from your smart phone for more than 24 hours, you’ll know what that feels like. So we wanted to kind of have a message that we’re there to we protect your bubble and help you to keep safe. And people seem to like the name.

What’s the percentage of people that buy extended warranties at like the point of sale, versus a third-party like Protect The Bubble?

Thirty to 40% take the kind of point of sale extended warranty and insurance option inside a big box retailer or at a cell phone carrier. And then the after-market solution is there for people who don’t decide to do that.

I think what we’re seeing more and more is that consumers want to do their own research. So they don’t necessarily want to buy these first and only option given to them. They want to be able to shop around, and they want to be able to look at coverage, price, deductible, and service.

Then they can make a decision like they do with so many other things in their lives. They want to have the ability to make an important decision on their own two feet.

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Do We Really Care About Texting While Driving? How To Implement Real Social Change!

Dangers of Texting While Driving - Do We Really Care?

Do we really care about the dangers of texting while driving? Drivers and the insurance industry have to take a hard stance on texting while driving. Do we as a society really care about texting while driving? Or, do we simply pay lip service to the dangers? I am of the belief that Americans look the other way and really do not care about people who are texting while driving. Despite it being illegal in 38 states across America, we have done little to nothing to stop the rising trend. A survey released by State Farm in November 2012 found that 68% of drivers ages 18 to 29 text while driving, up from 64% last year, and 48% of them … Read more

How to Spot and Prevent Medical Identity Theft

Medical Negligence Claims

It can happen out of the blue. You get a bill for health services that you never obtained, or maybe you file an insurance claim and your insurer tells you that you have reached your benefit limit. Identity theft can also be found in the medical and healthcare sectors. It is not just limited to your financial data. In this case, identity thieves confiscate people’s health insurance and personal details so they can obtain certain types of treatment, procure prescription drugs and receive medical care. How to Spot Medical Identity Theft Unfortunately, there are even people working in the medical field that are using patients’ information in order to submit bogus claims to insurance firms. Not only can your budget … Read more