Three Reasons Why You Should Not Invest In Gold Now

Principles of a Forex Trader

Despite what many gold bugs want you to believe, gold is not the best investment out there. There is a lot of hype about the precious metal, and it is the favorite topic of the talking heads on television. Is now the time to invest in gold? The recession has had a lot of people spooked about stock market prices falling, and there has been a subsequent rush into gold driving up the prices. People love to invest in a tangible real asset when times are tough. Now that gold is at an incredibly high price and the stock market is once again showing signs of recovery, now is the time to avoid the glitter of gold. Investors should not … Read more

How To Store Gold and Precious Metals – Where To Hide Your Gold

How To Store Gold and Precious Metals

Do you bury your gold like a pirate? Or, do you hide your gold and other precious metals in shoeboxes sitting around your house or under the bed? Do you know how to store gold and other precious metals to keep them safe? Many people love investing in gold, silver, and other precious metals. They can make a great addition to your investment portfolio and round out your primary retirement investments in your Roth IRA and 401k retirement plan. But, many people don’t even realize that they can take physical possession of their gold and precious metals. There are two schools of thought on where to keep assets like precious metals. You can take physical possession of your investment in … Read more

Is the Gold and Precious Metals Turnaround On?

Is the gold and precious metals turnaround on? As global markets plunge, bullish momentum is driving up the price of gold and investors are standing up to take notice. The Dow Jones plunged by as much as 531 points on Friday 21 August – a massive drop that had investors scrambling to cash out before taking on further losses. The decline marks the biggest drop in 4 years, but it wasn’t the only index that was down. All around the world major bourses slid as news spread of weak growth and slack demand in China. Whenever an evaluation of the gold market is undertaken it is especially important to consider the state of equities markets. Why is gold and precious … Read more

Infographic: Bear vs. Bull Infographic. What’s Next For Gold?

What’s next for gold prices? Are you a bull or a bear about gold’s future? There are a lot of reasons to be positive or negative about the future of the price of gold. And don’t forget about inflation. Inflation plays a big role in the price of gold for investors. Gold prices gained about 9% in 2013 and inflation was next to nothing. If you were a bull on gold at the start of last year, that big move higher must have been great news. Add that momentum into this year’s forwards looking forecasts and many analysts believe we could see gold prices skyrocket. They’re forecasting gains as high as 40% next year! Now, if next year turns out … Read more

Savings In The Age Of Austerity

Ever since the world economy went belly up in 2008, life has been harder for all of us in the age of austerity. One particular group who have felt the pressure more than most are savers. Central banks across the Western world have set interest rates ever lower – so low in fact they can barely go any lower at all. This, of course, means that savers who keep money in bank accounts are feeling the pinch more than others as their money isn’t benefiting from very good interest either.

There are some routes that can be explored to see if we can make the most of our savings. Many people have been looking at websites like Bullionvault for investing in gold which is generally thought to be a more stable investment. Gold is a particular type of investment however and there may be a variety of reasons why you prefer another investment.

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