5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Scholarship

There are very many scholarship opportunities available out there; the first step is to identify the one that suits you and your needs.

Reasons for awarding scholarships are varied; an institution would be looking to fund students from a specific background in need of financial aid, or students talented in art or sports.

Therefore, it is imperative to always read the detail of the scholarship requirements and eligibility criteria before making an application. It will help you understand what the scholarship provider really needs from you.

The reason for some students failing to get scholarships, in some cases, is when they fail to read in between the line and grasp what the sponsor is looking for. Don’t be part of them. Ensure that you understand what is needed.

There are often many scholarship applicants but only few scholarship winners. What differentiates the two groups a little something extra.

There is no guarantee you will win a scholarship, but there are ways to increase your chances.

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There are many pieces of advice out there on how not to miss a scholarship. However, the most outstanding and proven strategies are what we shall share with you here.

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Scholarship

Below are 5 of those “extras” that you can do to increase your chances of being a winner.

1. Connect with teachers

Take the time to connect and make friends with your teachers. Making a connection with the professors offers an opportunity for them to get to know you very well and write your recommendation letters for your scholarship application that are not generic.

To create this connection, set up a time to chat with the professors about your performance, goals and aspirations and your intention of applying for scholarships.

Scholarship evaluators are more likely to be moved by compelling and thoughtful recommendation letters from your teachers.

Ensure your connection is genuine and not purely for the sake of getting a recommendation for your scholarship, people can spot those people that are not genuine.

2. Get involved in extracurricular activities

As mentioned earlier, if you are talented in some kind of sports or any other activities, then they will help to boost your academic performance and transform these to a hobby.

There are scholarships out there centered on different hobbies, and all you need to do is Google search to see if any scholarships are available.

Scholarship providers will often explicitly ask for or award more points to applicants who have engaged in community service activities like volunteering with nonprofit organizations, organizing events at your community or school.

Find something you like and enjoy within your community, school or university and get involved.

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3. Consider the smaller opportunities

Smaller awards can often be a useful stepping stone to winning major, prestigious external scholarships. The applications are often less daunting, the response times shorter, and the chances of success higher.

Any awards or scholarships that you have already won will work in your favor when your application gets assessed for that significant, prestigious scholarship competition.

Do not pass up these smaller opportunities; they will open other doors in the future.

4. Start a Club

Think of something that you passionate about or activity that would be beneficial on campus and start a club. Starting a club is a great way to demonstrate leadership ability, which most Scholarship applications look out for.

The club could be academically related such as science club, debate club or something random such as poetry or baking.

Being the person in charge, you would be involved in planning the activities the club engages in and timings, and this is a demonstration of how well you can balance other duties with class responsibilities.

A significant win towards demonstrating you are all-rounder student.

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5. Make the application

First, check the eligibility criteria, which may be dependent on your program of study, citizenship status, minimum grade point average or progress in the program.

Review the Review the award criteria, identify the strengths of you possess and make sure you meet the requirements set out in the application. Set priorities so that you can invest your time in the activities that will add value to your file and increase your chances of winning the award.

Every scholarship has its conditions, criteria, and terms. Read them very carefully and follow the instructions closely.

Ensure you read the application instructions carefully. Understand the supporting documents you need and start to work on getting these. 

Many graduate scholarships also ask for a description of your research project. Work on your essay/project writing skills and get assistance for your friends, colleagues or supervisor to proofread the article for you and make adjustments as necessary.

The project or essay needs to be very clear, concise, captivating and convincing, let it stand out from the many other summaries the scholarship committee will have to go review.

Although many scholarships may seem alike, make sure you follow the specific requirements of each one that you apply for. It is essential that you not only provide the requested documents and follow the instructions, but also ensure that the content is consistent with the application and evaluation criteria.

 Showcase the parts of your file that particularly meet the award criteria and objectives. The evaluators must be able to clearly and easily find all the information they need.

Finally Submit your scholarship application ahead of the deadline and once you have won the scholarship, remember too that all those who supported you, gave recommendation letters or helped you draw the application.

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