Make 2019 the Year You Buy a House

Buying a house to call your own is a huge deal. In adulthood, we all have boxes that we would like to tick off and buying a first home is a goal that many work towards. If you’ve decided that this is the year that you buy your own home, you have some work cut out for you to do.

Before you even consider hunting for a house, you need to think about your lifestyle and whether you are buying a home is essential for your peace of mind. If it is, and you want to go for it, you will benefit from learning some crucial steps before you start your hunt.

12 Things You Should Know Before Buying A House

Credit Rating

It can be tempting to look into things that will fix credit when you go to buy a house. A credit rating is an essential piece of the house buying puzzle, and you need yours to be as clear as possible. If you get your credit report and find some blemishes on it, then you may have to pay a higher interest rate as you aren’t considered to be as trustworthy as someone else with better credit. Make sure your credit rating is favorable so that you are seen to be as financially reliable as possible.

Your Budget

One of the most significant considerations for your new home is whether you can afford it in the first place.  You need to know what comes in and what goes out of your house.

It’s nice to believe that you can afford the mortgage, but you really need to KNOW that you can afford it; otherwise, the bank won’t put their trust in you to do so. Get familiar with your numbers and start pulling back on the unnecessary expenses.


Your mortgage application success will depend on the level of deposit that you have behind you. Not only that, the mortgage provider will look at where you got your deposit because if your family has given you the money for your deposit, you need to be able to sit on it for some time to prove that you can manage your finances. Preplan your deposit and your closing costs, and make sure that you can afford both.

Know Your New Numbers

Not only are you going to be taking on a mortgage, but you’re also going to be dealing with real estate taxes, utilities and maintenance fees. You need to know that you can afford all of these things, and this means leaving plenty of room to move in your budget. Be wary of jumping into a new housing market without the right budget behind you-you won’t survive your home otherwise!

Lastly, you need to be familiar with the housing market in your area. Just in case you decide to sell up and move on one day, you need to know what the housing prices are doing and when. Preparing to buy your first house is a big deal, so it’s essential that you do it right.

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