Save Money Car Insurance Shopping for Teen Drivers

Save Money Car Insurance Shopping for Teen DriversIf you have a new teen driver, you are probably a little bit worried for a myriad of reasons. You are concerned for your child’s safety first and foremost, but be honest.

You are also worried about your car and your premium. Unfortunately, adding an inexperienced motorist will raise your bill, but there are plenty of steps you can take to lower that monthly payment. Get ready to contact your local Marietta car insurance agent and ask a few questions about the firm’s discounts and policies.

How To Save When Car Insurance Shopping for Teen Drivers

1. Good Report Cards

Most companies offer discounts for good grades. Normally, students will receive financial breaks as long as they keep their GPA up and show an official transcript to the agent. This rule applies to high school and college students alike.

As long as the driver is a full time student, he or she should have no problem getting an academic discount. You don’t have to worry about taking a hit when your child starts taking advanced courses either. All you need is a B average.

2. Report if Your Teen Leaves for School

Especially, if your teen will be living without a car, let your local Marietta car insurance agent know when your child relocates to college or boarding school. The company will likely give a rate to reflect the fact that the young driver will be behind the wheel much less frequently.

Your teens will still be covered when they are home, but your premium will decrease considerably. Some agencies will require that your child be more than 75 or 100 miles away before reducing your payment.

3. Drop Plan Components on Older Vehicles

If you have old automobiles, drop comprehensive and collision elements from your Marietta car insurance. In the event of an accident, it may cost more than the vehicle is worth to fix the damage. Look up the worth of your car and compare it to your existing coverage.

Use your best judgment as to whether or not you need to insure against property damage. Do not strip too much and consult with local state laws regarding the bare necessities for legal auto insurance.

4. Ask About Other Common Discounts

There are many available discounts for Marietta car insurance, but you may have to ask before receiving a reduction in policy payments. For teens, your firm is likely make deductions for:

  • Additional driving classes
  • Safe vehicles
  • Clean driving history
  • Paying yearly or biannually
  • Driving Contracts

If your teen pledges to not drive late or limit the number of passengers, your agent may be able to work with you on the premium. Furthermore, raising your deductibles can lower your monthly payments, but in the event of accident, you may have to pay more for repairs and replacements.

Young drivers can be expensive to insure, but payments can be manageable if you consult with your local Marietta car insurance agent. Encourage strong academic performance and let your company know how often your child will actually be behind the wheel.

Look for bundle discounts and stay informed about changing company policies. Shop around with various firms to find the best fit for you and your family.

Have you gone car insurance shopping for coverage on your teenage driver recently? How was that experience for you?

Save Money Car Insurance Shopping for Teen Drivers

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