I Fibbed And Bought A Bar Of Gold – Five Crazy Safes

A few months ago, J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy showcased several very awesome manly piggy banks and crazy safes that people could buy on the internet. I fell in love with this bar of gold safe (see attached picture of my bar of gold below).

I have a theory that people will save more money if they have somewhere cool to put it. I have a jar labeled casino money that helps motivate me to save money! Just like nicknaming your savings accounts, naming your spare change jar can have a huge benefit and really drive your desire to save money for a specific purpose.

Here Are Five Cool Safes That Inspire Me To Save

1) Gold Bullion Bar Coin Bank

My own gold bullion bar coin safe

2) Grenade Bank

Grenade piggy bank

3) Vacation Fund Coin Jar

My Vegas casino money coin jar to help me save

4) Traffic Light Bank

traffic light piggy bank to help you save money

5) Barkly The Banker – Coin Munching Canine

Barkly The Banker - Coin Munching Canine

What about you? Do you have a favorite safe or piggybank that you have that inspires you?

Email me a picture of your favorite safe or piggybank that you own that inspires you, I’ll post them, and then pick the coolest one! The winner will get their very own bar of gold bank like mine pictured above and $25 cash (PayPal cash) to put in it.

On Sunday, June 3rd, 2012, I’ll pick the very best picture of the coolest piggy bank and award the $25 to you. I’ll also add them here for others to see (unless you don’t want me to).

Reader Pictures Of Their Piggy Banks

Old illy espresso container

Cherry Wood Bank with Vintage Brass Post Office Door

Piggybank contest entry

Rich Uncle El's Piggy Banks

10 thoughts on “I Fibbed And Bought A Bar Of Gold – Five Crazy Safes”

  1. HEllo Hank,

    I sent you my picture. Cool website by the way.


  2. Well considering my piggy bank is some crappy wooden bowl that I made back in grade 9 woodworking class, I’m not gonna e-mail in a photo. Since it’s not even really a piggy bank, it is just somewhere to store my change. I’d rather try to spend that change than deal with the hassles of rolling it up and bringing it to the bank.

    • You should bank with a bank that will allow you to just bring the coins in in a ziplock bag. That’s the best. They run it through their machine, like a coin star machine, and typically there is no fee.

    • Wow! That really is crazy! Thanks for sending this along, Pete.

  3. Well mines not as cool as a 4 ft tall pig but I went and bought one of those digital counting ones from the toy department that keeps a running balance for you.

    Yes it is because I’m a total nerd and still get excited to watch the $ amount increase. I’d have a thermometer poster on my wall that we could color in every week if my husband would let me.

  4. Hey that illy can is mine! Man I need to dust that thing. Piggy banks rock, spare change always ends between the seats in my car or in couch unless I put it in my illy can. My girlfriend claims to use all of hers but I know for a fact that there is at least $10 in change spread out between her 8 purses.

    Great idea on the label, I’m going to come up with my next goal and slap a label on that bad boy soon.

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