What’s in Your Pocket Change? How To Start Coin Collecting

How To Start Coin Collecting

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How To Start Coin CollectingCould you imagine a hobby that would enhance your appreciation of art, while expanding your knowledge in politics, history, and geography? You should consider coin collecting. This would help you gain and strengthen organizational skills, which means you’d have better opportunities socializing with other people who have the same interest.

If the answer is yes, then coin collecting might be perfect for you. So, the question is, would it be practical to embrace such a hobby?

Would coin collecting be valuable once you hit your golden years? The answer is yes, and we’d bet a bottom silver dollar on it. Here’s why.

History of Coin Collecting 

Coin collecting is very popular nowadays. In fact, a lot of collectors buy and collect coins for personal pleasure and enjoyment, but there are those who also see it as an investment.

In ancient times, coin collecting was a hobby that only appealed to royalty, and was known as the “Hobby of Kings”. Around the 14th century, coin collecting became seemingly popular and records of coin collecting began to mark history in numismatics. It wasn’t until the 19th century that coin collecting spread to other social classes.

Today, coin collecting is more systematized and extremely accessible. There are coin conventions almost anywhere you go, as well as a number of numismatic organizations to join.

Begin With Pocket Change

There are several levels of coin collecting. To start, here are some of the oldest coins that are worth more than the face value and could be in your pocket change.

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