5 Signs You Should Hire A Coach for Your Life or Business

5 Signs You Should Hire A Coach

5 Signs You Should Hire A CoachCoaching has become a rapidly growing profession worldwide, expanding form its origins in sports and branching out into a number of different areas. There are business coaches, executive coaches, career coaches, health & wellness coaches, and general life coaches. But, should you hire a coach to help you succeed in life or in your business?

People seem to be recognizing that having a coach can make a difference. In fact, studies of coaching in organizations shows a return of $4 – $8 for every dollar invested.

At the same time, people have begun to recognize that top athletes spend around 95% of time practicing with a coach and 5% actually performing. While the rest of us spend almost all of our time performing, with almost no time to practice or improve.

Why shouldn’t everyone benefit from more time to work with a coach and develop mastery?

5 Signs You Should Hire A Coach

You See The Possibilities

You see great possibility for yourself, your career, or your business, but you can’t turn that possibility into a clear vision, action, and/or results. In other words, you are stuck.

What is your purpose? What is your vision for your life, career, or business? What are your strengths and how can you use them to make great things happen? A coach works with you to get answers to these questions.

Your Having Challenges

You are having challenges influencing or working with other people to get things done. Leadership – in life and in work – is partly about influencing others.

Many people have challenges with how they communicate, work on teams, and make things happen. A coach can help you develop new skills and behaviors to have more impact when working with other people. Your coach can also help you to understand how to build a powerful network of relationships so that you can get more things done more easily.

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