Ten Ways To Inspire Yourself To Save And Invest

To Inspire Yourself To Save And Invest

To Inspire Yourself To Save And InvestYou may have noticed that learning to play the guitar has been on my list of 100 goals to complete before I die. Not only have I been taking guitar lessons from a teacher locally, but I have also really enjoyed the lessons that Nate Savage from GuitarLessons.com puts on his site and on YouTube.

Recently Nate sent out an email to his newsletter subscribers (you can subscribe to the Money Q&A newsletter here) about meeting an incredible guitar player and one of his heroes that inspired him to strive to become a better guitar player. His video (seen here) got me thinking. What inspires you to become a better saver or investor?

You should and need to be inspired. For many people starting to save or starting to invest is a hard proposition. Far too many people think that they simply can’t save for retirement. They face living paycheck to paycheck and feel like they can’t get off of that rut.

But, you can. You can get inspired to save and invest. Starting is often the hardest part. Below are ten great ways to inspire yourself to start saving and investing, and if you are already saving and investing, hopefully these tips will inspire you to keep going and boost your financial wellbeing.

Ten Ways To Inspire Yourself To Save And Invest

Hank Coleman and Gary VaynerchukMeet Someone Famous – Like Nate Savage meeting a famous guitar player, I meet Gary Vaynerchuk at a book signing back when he was promoting his book, “Crush It!“. It was incredibly inspiring to meet him, listen to him talk, and get to ask him a few questions. I was on cloud nine for weeks and weeks, full of aspirations and inspired like never before.

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