How to Save a Fortune Using Coupons and Loyalty Cards

How To Save Using Coupons And Loyalty Cards

You can save using coupons. I struggle with it though. I throw them away actually. I don’t mean to throw away coupons. It just happens. I stick them in my pocket, wait in line, go to the register and forget to use them. I also don’t return to the store and ask for my missed discount. You might think that it’s not such a big deal. What’s a dollar here or there? But, like most small things, these missing savings can add up over time. Have you ever looked at the savings printed on the bottom of your grocery receipt? What if you forget your loyalty card and coupons more often than not? We’re talking about some serious money if this … Read more

What You Should Do with the Reward Points You’re Sitting On

What You Should Do With the Reward Points You're Sitting On

You may not be fully aware of it, but you’re probably sitting on your own personal treasure hoard: a stash of airline miles, hotel points, or reward points you’ve earned through your credit cards. According to statistics compiled by and its parent Points International (PCOM), a company specializing in helping consumers trade, exchange, and redeem reward points, the average American is hoarding more than 61,000 reward points through various programs. Americans have more than 2.65 billion loyalty memberships — 21.4 per household. This would be fine if we were spending those points — but we’re not. According to a report by Forrester Research, only 16 percent of us redeem the points that we earn each year. Why do we … Read more