How to Plan for and Minimize Funeral Costs

How to Plan for and Minimize Funeral Costs

Despite the fact that death is something everyone on earth ultimately faces, the topic is still taboo in many cultures. As a result, many individuals fail to commit to the essential tasks surrounding end-of-life planning and funeral costs. This leaves grieving families vulnerable to the whims of predatory funeral homes and puts your estate at risk. How to Plan for and Minimize Funeral Costs To mitigate these risks, advance end-of-life and funeral planning can protect your family and your assets. Here are some ways you can start the process of understanding funeral costs now. Funeral Insurance As you reach your golden years, consider getting funeral insurance. Like life insurance, funeral insurance can be used to cover burial and ceremony costs … Read more

4 Foolproof Tips for Families to Save on Their Taxes

How to Save on Taxes

No one likes owing the government at tax time, especially if you’re raising a family. Every dollar counts when it comes to giving your kids the most advantages and experiences you can provide. Unfortunately, federal, local, and state governments take a chunk of your income each payday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t minimize your tax burden. Using these foolproof tips, you can save on taxes and have more money for the people you love. Buy an Electric Car It seems counterintuitive to make a five-figure purchase to save money, but when you buy an electric car, you’re cutting your tax bill dramatically and could end up putting cash in your pocket. The Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit, … Read more

How to Save for Retirement on a Limited Budget

Your 401k retirement plan is not an emergency fund

The following is a guest post by Ramona, a freelance web designer and personal finance blogger with PF Today. If you’d like more information about submitting a guest post on Money Q&A, check out our Guest Posting Guidelines. Retirement was easy decades ago. At least that’s what my grandmother used to tell me: You worked until you were 55, then retired. The state would pay a pension that was enough to live off. And you were also paid that pension for as long as you were alive. Guaranteed. Times have changed now. We can’t work for 30 years (like they did), then retire and live 30 more years on a state pension plan. The state cannot support all the retirees today, … Read more

Top 5 Ways To Save Money At The Movie Theater

Save Money At The Movie Theater

I love watching movies. It is actually one of my guilty pleasures, and my wife and I actually spend a lot of money every month watching movies at the movie theater. But, there are tons of great ways to save money watching a movie at the theater this summer. How to Save Money At The Movie Theater Here are five of my favorites and a separate list of some other great ideas to save money at the movie theater this summer. Join The Discount Club Several of the national movie theater chains have rewards programs that can help you save money on tickets and concessions. The reward program members can earn free or discounted movie tickets the more you continue … Read more

Debunking Common Life Insurance Myths

Difference Between Whole Life and Term Life Insurance

We’ve talked before about common car insurance myths,  and today, we’re going to turn our myth-busting quest to another form of insurance: life insurance. Myths about life insurance are surprisingly common. Given that life insurance is something that few of us like to think about, it’s no surprise that the void of discussion leads to the rise of a variety of misconceptions about what these policies actually entail. In an effort to redress the balance and introduce facts into your life insurance decisions, we’re going to bust these life insurance myths once and for all, starting with… Myth: “Life insurance is a waste of money.” Many people argue this and, to an extent, there’s some truth behind it. For example, … Read more

How Do Paid Online Surveys Work?

Make Money With Paid Online Surveys

In the internet age, more and more people are flocking to the web to make extra income. One of the most talked about ways to make some extra cash online is by completing online surveys. While it might not be a way to replace your job, the best paid online surveys offer enough money to start building a savings account or fund some fun activities. People are often hesitant to try online surveys because they think they are all scams. After all, that money has to come from somewhere, doesn’t it? We fear what we don’t understand, so knowing how online surveys work should combat some hesitation. Where Does the Money Come From? Surveys are a form of market research … Read more