Robinhood Investing App Review – How to Invest Commission Free!

It can be difficult to determine what exactly is a good rate of return on your investments due to additional factors like tax rates, commission fees, account management fees, and so on. Even if you’ve been involved in managing your own investments with a human advisor or a robo-advisor for a while, investing is nevertheless a complicated venture. Anyone with other hobbies and a day job knows that. If you’re looking for a simplified, low-cost solution to the confusion swirling around the stock market and best investment strategies, then Robinhood Financial, the investing app, has something for you. Robinhood Review What Makes Robinhood Unique? Robinhood’s number one selling point is that it offers online investors free access to stock and … Read more

6 Easy Ways to Build an Emergency Fund this Year

Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step One - $1,000 Emergency Fund In The Bank

An emergency fund is money set aside to cover large unexpected expenses. When an emergency arises, whether it be unemployment or a car accident, you usually have bills to pay. Unless you borrow the money you need, putting yourself in debt, the only other option you have is savings. Unfortunately, saving several months’ worth of expenses is difficult, especially when living on a tight budget. With that in mind, here are six easy ways to build an emergency fund.  1. Break Down Your Goals Saving an emergency fund can be a daunting task when you focus on the total. However, that total figure is made up of many smaller parts. While $100 seems like a large sum to put aside … Read more

How Do Prepaid Cards Work?

Why You Should Avoid Paying with a Debit Card

Prepaid debit cards are very popular with travelers and people who are budgeting and saving money, or those who don’t want/can’t have a bank account. But, not many people know how they work. So let’s take a look.  What Is A Prepaid Debit Card? A prepaid debit card is a way of banking that lets you spend only what you have preloaded onto the card. While a debit card typically has the backup of your full bank accounts and maybe even an overdraft, and a credit card uses the money you don’t technically have – a prepaid debit card is money smart.  It is often referred to as a pay-as-you-go card.  You can often use these cards at any retailer … Read more

How to Earn an Extra Income Delivering for Postmates

A 2017 survey from Bankrate found that more than 44 million Americans have some kind of side hustle – though many use side hustles for full-time incomes – and that number has likely gone up over the past couple years. Depending on the difficulty, time involved and skill level required, side hustles can produce anywhere from $8-25/hour (sometimes less, sometimes more). Some of the more popular side gigs in recent years have involved transportation: Uber or Lyft for transporting human passengers, Bird or Lime for recharging electric scooters, and Door Dash, UberEats, GrubHub or Postmates for food delivery beyond the standard pizza delivery we had in the pre-Internet era. Delivering food can be a lot of fun and financially rewarding … Read more

Top 6 Tips for Managing a Remote Workplace


Whether you have a handful of remote employees or your entire staff is located around the world, it takes some talent to manage them. A remote workplace might help. You may be saving lots of money by letting your staff work remotely, but it is not easy to keep the team working as a unit. Tips for Managing a Remote Workplace Logistics get very complicated even when your employees share the same time zone as your main office. It’s definitely worth embracing as the trend shows that the future looks bright for leading a team that has no office. Here are some ways to manage the whole thing. Create a structure Working from home or at a coworking space is … Read more

Top 6 Car Maintenance Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Eight Ways To Save Money On Car Repairs

Preventative maintenance is an important aspect of being a safe driver. When you continue to drive a car that needs maintenance work done, you remain at a higher risk of causing an accident, which could hurt you, your passengers, or others on the road. If you want to end up trading your car in or selling it, you’ll want to keep up with maintenance to get more out of your car. Here are the top six car maintenance tips you’ll need to keep your car performing optimally: 1. Get Your Oil Changed Regularly Follow your manufacturer’s recommendation for the type of oil you should use in your car. Then, get your oil changed regularly according to the mileage you put … Read more