6 Factors to Consider Before Applying for a Business Loan During COVID Pandemic

All over the world, the coronavirus pandemic has driven small companies to scale down operations, if not shut their doors entirely. This condition created a devastating financial strain, and your business may require more financial assistance to weather the storm such as a business loan. The present situation may leave you thinking about applying for small company loans to help you push through the pandemic. A business loan could provide your company with extra help through this tough time. If you have not borrowed before, want to improve your credit score, or need to know what the loan process is like, here are some ideas to consider small business loans throughout COVID-19. Lucrative Business Plan The business plan is crucial … Read more

A Glance at Tech Investing

The internet provides an array of investment options: from crypto-currencies, commodities, to stocks. Recently, droves of Americans used their federal stimulus money to open stock brokerage accounts, demonstrating an eagerness to invest. The internet provides an array of investment options in tech investing from crypto-currencies, commodities, to stocks. However, before delving into the stock market, there are guidelines and industry background investors should be aware of, which will help those buying Apple, Amazon, Facebook, or Google stock navigate their way. A Glance at Tech Investing Investors must understand that by purchasing a stock, they are becoming part owners of that company, meaning that they are giving the company their money to use for company operations. Thus, every investor needs to … Read more

Bank Loan vs Private Lending – Which is Better for You and Your Family?

Banks and private lending companies can help you when you need money. However, one might be more advantageous than the other. You have to be vigilant in choosing where to apply for a loan in case you need extra cash. Bank Loan vs Private Lending To help you choose the best institution you can for financial help, here are the pros and cons of both banks and lending companies. Study each advantage and disadvantage and weigh them appropriately before committing to one. The Advantages Here are the advantages of taking out a loan from banks and private lenders: Bank Loans Tax Benefits. If you acquire a business loan from a bank, the interest you are paying for the loan is … Read more

How COVID is Changing Retail and What Shoppers Need to Know

The “New” normal seems like it is everywhere these days as mask ordinances, social distancing, temperature checks, and tests have become a way of life in the face of the global pandemic. COVID is changing retail. While the current “New” is likely to change as our definition of normal is expected to change as advances in treatment or a vaccine is introduced, many observers believe that changes we are seeing in retailers are here for good. This includes the acceleration towards online shopping, and with it, Amazon and Walmart tightening their grip in the sector, as well as advances in delivery, customer verification, and payment. With that in mind, here is a rundown of some of the ways COVID is … Read more

Make Some Extra Cash While Quarantined by Trading from Home

If you’ve lost income and looking to make some extra cash due to COVID-19, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans are currently unemployed or furloughed with no clear answer of when things will get back to normal. If you’re like most people stuck at home, you’re looking for ways to make the most of your time quarantined. You’re also likely looking for ways to make some extra cash to make ends meet.  If you’ve ever considered trying to take a chance with the stock market – now is a great period to give it a try. Being successful in trading requires some upfront learning and education. If you already have some open time, why not put it towards learning a … Read more

How Startups Are Benefiting from Coworking Spaces

Starting your own business can be an expensive venture that requires flexibility and ingenuity. Business owners are always looking for ways to save money that is better funneled into development and expansion. Coworking spaces started as primarily a place where freelancers and independent contractors could fight the isolation of remote working. In the past few years, many boutique office spaces have been adapting to accommodate small business and startup owners. Offering unique and affordable office space has changed how coworking can benefit many small companies. Affordable office space can help business owners to establish a professional reputation while staying on budget. Let’s take a look at just a few ways that startups and small businesses benefit from using coworking spaces. … Read more