Top 5 Questions to Ask During Your University Visit

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Being admitted to the university is a significant milestone for a teenager focused on building a career of your dream. This can be a daunting task, especially when you have to think about what university would be the best fit. That’s why you need to try and talk to the admission counselors. Knowledge is power; besides, it increases the chance of success. This is why you need to know what questions to ask during university open days.

When you make your first visit to the university, make sure you have a list of questions prepared. The first and the most crucial question that should occupy your mind is: Why am I here? What do I expect to get out of this tour? You may want to know if the university has a unique program for people like you or if there is a scholarship for international students.

Another critical question you should ask is: Why not go somewhere else? What made you choose this school? What attracts students here? Be concerned about the facilities and the things they offer. This way, you will be able to get more helpful information and make better-educated decisions. Furthermore, with this understanding, you can converse intelligently with your peers and parents. 

What are some placements in which students have found work? 

Career-wise, you will be able to understand a career that suits you best, with higher chances of getting employment without tarmacking much. Your academic career will be guided by qualified people who are familiar with the university and will help you succeed. Location-wise, you can decide if a big city or a smaller town is better to live in and be closer to your campus.

What is the purpose of your university? 

There is an impact on your career in relation to this question. It gives a deeper understanding of what will be best for you, for example, a career that in the future will be your main source of income, a conducive environment to learn and exercise your professionalism, perhaps make friends from different backgrounds, getting to know people with other passions and goals which can help you in your future courses.

What are the university’s research strengths? 

It is essential to know what the university is proud of in its research to understand its current situation better. Talking about its research strengths, you can learn what type of environment it has for students and professors.

What is the culture of your university? 

Every institution varies culture-wise. For example, at some universities, the students are encouraged to meet and form groups, while at others, such socializing is not encouraged. Some universities encourage teamwork and more independent studies, while at others, everyone learns on their own. This means that you must ask about the culture of the university to find out if it suits your needs.

How do students make money while studying here? 

Scholarships, part-time jobs, and internships are all great ways to make money while studying. But it’s not always easy to find these opportunities. The admission counselor can help you with this by providing you with a list of options or even connecting you with someone who knows more about it.


The above questions help better understand whether the institution is right for you, regardless of location, social life, and the fees paid. The questions are regarded as eye-openers and deepen your connection with the institution making the habitat a conducive environment for you. 
If the questions are not asked, the inability to know what influences the school will be of no help to you. It is highly encouraged to ask these questions confidently.

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