How to Get Rewards When Spending with Your Business Credit Card

Earn rewards with a business credit card

Credit card companies often use rewards and bonuses to attract private clients, but even business products are now starting to come with the same additional benefits. While individuals rack up points and cashback one pound at a time, business credit cards have developed a whole line of innovative programs, offering multiple ways to earn valuable rewards. 

How To Earn Rewards With a Business Credit Card


Points-based rewards systems provide attractive flexibility, giving business customers access to a bonus system focused on things they actually need. Points can be earned on most important company expenses, including everything from car rentals to office supplies and insurance to repairs. Once accumulated, these points can then be used against future purchases, helping to bring down the cost of doing business.


Users with the best business credit cards will often find that their card comes with the added benefit of purchase protection, with perks such as limited-time insurance against loss or damage, as well as a free replacement for certain items within a set period of days, or buying an extended warranty. This can be invaluable, especially when it comes to keeping on top of your daily outgoings.

Earning Rewards

While the rewards on offer may sound tempting, you’ll need to earn them before you can take advantage. One of the best ways to ensure that all of your business expenses are run through the same card. The more you spend on the best card, the more rewards you’ll earn.

It’s also important to make sure that you limit the number of products you choose, as diversifying too much can confuse how many points or bonuses you have with which provider. Instead, pick one good program and stick with it.

One final piece of advice is to ensure that the rewards on offer match your interests. While some business credit cards may offer free trips abroad and discount vouchers, these incentives may be of no practical use to you or your company. To avoid this, pick a rewards goal before you enter the market for a new card.

Credit cards that offer the best packages for business users can be hard to find, but the Nectar Business Credit Card from American Express is a market leader. In addition to offering Nectar points each time you use the card, you’ll also be covered for 90 days if a purchased item is lost, stolen, or damaged up to the value of £2,500. Representative 19.9% APR Variable.

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