What Is The Actual Definition Of A Recession?

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With the stock markets currently all over the place lately, there have been plenty of talks about recessions, bear markets, double dips, and tons of other financial vocabulary words that are thrown around. But, what is the definition of a bear market? How do you define a recession? It may not be as easy as you think. You may actually not care either. What Is The Definition Of A Recession? While there are no clear cut definitions of a recession and no government agencies that host the one true, undisputedly accepted definition of a recession, most economists and financial planners agree upon one traditionally accepted definition of a recession. Most people now accept that two consecutive quarters of declining Gross … Read more

Global Financial Crisis – The Worst Thing You Can Do

Worst Things You Can Do In Global Financial Crisis

Worst Things You Can Do In Global Financial CrisisThe worst thing that you can do in a global financial crisis is not sticking to your plan. In 2008, we saw far too many people pull their investments out of the stock market during the recession at the lowest points.

This will lead you to selling stocks and mutual funds when prices are low and having to repurchase your investments when times are better and ultimately prices are higher. The best thing you can do is to continue on your financial plan that you established.

Worst Things You Can Do In Global Financial Crisis

A Declining Market Is Not The Time To Sell

Trying to time the stock market’s rise and fall can cost investors thousands in lost profits. Inevitability, timing the market does not work and you enter and exit the stock market at preciously the wrong time costing you profits or increasing your losses.

Not only do you have to time your exit when you are timing the stock market, but you also have to time your reentry back into the stock market as well.

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