Find the Best Prices on Amazon vs eBay with Unlooted Chrome Extension

I’m always looking for the way to find the best prices on the stuff that I buy online. And, I buy A LOT online. In the past, I’ve used browser extensions and plugins like Honey, Swagbucks, Ebates, Coupon Cabin, and the like. And, now there’s a new extension that helps you to find the best price on Amazon versus eBay – Unlooted!

What Is Unlooted?

Unlooted helps you easily compare your shopping results from Amazon to see who is selling it for less on eBay. It’s a great tool to help you find the best deal.

I’m all about finding the best deal. Check out the blog post I wrote years ago about taking advantage of price arbitrage and making a killing on eBay.

The same thing is going on here, and that’s where Unlooted comes in. A lot of people sell their products in many different places. And, Amazon is making it incredibly easy for people to do it especially with their programs like Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), etc.

Many people essentially drop shop their products and sell them on Amazon. And, they also list them on eBay at the same time. eBay is no longer just an auction website. So many people and companies are simply just using eBay as a showcase and department store window for their “stores”.

And, the prices aren’t always the same from one platform to another. It’s arbitrage at its finest. And, that’s where Unlooted comes in to play and how it can help you save a fortune.

Unlooted - Chrome Browser Extension Price: FREE Unlooted is a great new extension that helps you to find the best price on Amazon versus eBay! Unlooted - Chrome Browser Extension Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/22/2018

Plus, many of the sellers on Amazon simply buy their products wholesale from vendors on eBay, marking it up 30% in the process, and then have the product you buy on Amazon shipped from the eBay seller directly to you.

You could simply cut out the Amazon middleman if you only knew about them and could easily search products on both platforms at the same time. Unlooted searches for the best price across Amazon and eBay and lets you know if there are differences and savings.

That’s why they say… “Don’t pay an extra 30%, get Unlooted!”

Unlooted Chrome Extension

Unlooted Chrome Extension

What Is a Browser Extension?

A browser extension is a plugin that increases the functions of your web browser. Many of the popular ones are made especially for the Google Chrome browser.

Many web developers create them using the application programming interfaces (API) from other companies. Some also provide them using JavaScript.

The bottom line is that there are tools that you can download to help you browse the web better. These extensions are free and easy to download. Many take only 30 seconds to install and get up and running.

They don’t affect how you interact with a website. They don’t slow down your browsing. In many cases, you’ll hardly remember they are there until you see a pop-up or an additional button on your screen letting you know of discounts that are available.  

You can find extensions for almost any task you can imagine including money saving and price comparison extensions. And, they’re available in the Google Chrome store.

Here’s the link to download the Unlooted browser extension.

Unlooted Chrome Extension

Unlooted Chrome Extension

There are a lot of browser extensions that can help you save money. Power users use several of them. I know I do!

The below is a list of some of the most popular extensions that will help you save money and find the best deals on the stuff you’re buying. They are all free and easy to use.

What about you? What are your “go to” browser extensions? What do you have installed on your browser? Let me know in the comment section below.


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