12 Things You Should Know Before Buying a House

12 Things You Should Know Before Buying A House

The following is a guest post about what you need to know before buying a house by George Dokuchaev, a content writer at Prime Property Group. If you would like to write an article for Money Q&A, please visit our Guest Posting Guidelines page. 12 Things You Should Know Before Buying a House Buying a home can be complicated. Here are 12 things you need to know before buying a home in today’s market. It is not necessary to be a home owner. You should bear in mind that it is not necessary to become a homeowner, especially if it does not fit in with your lifestyle. Not everyone wants the responsibilities that go with owning a home. You may prefer to rent due … Read more

Make The Number 13 Lucky For Your Finances

Make The Number 13 Lucky For Your Finances

Make The Number 13 Lucky For Your FinancesThirteen does not have to be an unlucky number this year. This year can be the year that you turn your finances around, make the number 13 lucky, and take your life to the next level.

Here are 13 ways that you can have a great year and change the history of the number 13 and make it lucky.

13 Ways To Make The Number 13 Lucky

Start Your Budget

Now is the time to really see where you’re spending your money. It’s time to get back on track. You can do all of this with a written monthly budget and take control of this year of your spending. Like most things with finances, your budget should be revisited every year.

The first of the year is a great time to consider making changes to your budget. Were your categories accurate in your budget? Did you spend more in some areas of your life and less in others? Now is the time to make changes to your budget and start the year off on the right foot.

Go Back To School

I am a big fan of education. I guess that’s why I have gone back so much and earned so many degrees. I think everyone should go back to school at some point.

Whether it is community college or earning a Masters degree, going back to school will set you up for success you dare in your current job or as a stepping stone for the next job.

Seek Help From A Financial Planner

Far too many people need help and don’t Gil seek it out to get it. They think that either they cannot afford it or don’t know where to look.

But if you need help, take time this year to find a certified financial planner in your area that can help you with your financial goals and financial planning. Many offer free first time consultations for new clients. You owe it to yourself and your family to seek help if you need it.

Take this year to make that leap if you’ve been putting it off. The same can be said for finding an accountant. You need to build your financial team.

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Employers Liability Insurance – Why Do You Need It?

Employers Liability Insurance - Why Do You Need It?

Employers Liability Insurance - Why Do You Need It?It’s a legal requirement for employers in England, Scotland and Wales (including those who run off-shore installations) to have insurance in place against liability for injury or disease to their employees as a result of their employment. This is known as employers liability insurance.

Employers have a legal responsibility for the health and safety of employees who work for them. The definition of ‘working for an employer’ depends on the nature of the employer/employee relationship, including the degree and nature of control that an employer has over work.

For example, if tax and national insurance are deducted by the employer from an employee’s earnings, or if the employer provides the tools and work equipment for the employee, this means they’re included in the cover.

Independent contractors who work for different companies aren’t covered by the employer’s liability insurance of those companies.

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My 2016 Stock Market Predictions & Economic Forecast

My 2016 Stock Market Predictions

Every personal finance writer, expert, pundit, and money blogger tries to make 2016 stock market predictions. I’ve made one for the past few years running.  So, once again, I thought that it would be fun to make my own stock market predictions for 2016 and keep the tradition going. As always, I will follow my stock market predictions throughout the year with regular updates each quarter. Do you have any stock market predictions? Email me at Hank [at] MoneyQandA.com or leave a comment below, and we can track your stock market prediction as well throughout the year. 2016 Stock Market Predictions Here are my 2016 stock market predictions. I’ve included several other macro economic and IPO predictions too. I have included … Read more

What Is A Bond? A Great Infographic From Mint.com

What Are Junk Bonds?

What are bonds? A bond is a loan from an investor to a company.

When we need a new car, we typically go to the bank and borrow money and purchase the car with a car loan. The same can be true for a company. They can go to a bank and borrow funds for a new factory or to expand a product line. Or, they can borrow money from individual investors. That’s where bonds come into play.

When a company, public or private, needs to borrow money, they have the option of issuing bonds for people to buy and invest in. Local, state, and the federal governments do the same and issue bonds.

Below is an excellent infographic from Mint.com which explains the ins and outs of bonds. It talks about what are bonds, how investors earn a return on their investments, and the like.

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How To See Sporting Events and Concerts For Free

How To See Sporting Events and Concerts For Free

I love Major League Baseball. Unfortunately, I’m a diehard Atlanta Braves fan. They crush my spirits every fall with their pitiful play. But, I still try and see as many baseball games as I can. But, games are expensive. So, I’m always on the lookout how I can see sporting events and concerts for free or at a steeply reduced cost.

Baseball games are expensive. In fact, Major League Baseball’s average ticket price increased 3.3% last season to $28.94, the steepest rise in six years. It’s estimated to cost over $211 for a family of four to see a baseball game in America according to the TMR’s Fan Cost Index, which tracks total costs over the years.

But, I’m here to tell you that you can see your beloved team for free. Here’s how…

How To See Sporting Events For Free

Sell Bobbleheads on eBay

Each year, most Major League Baseball give freebies and giveaways to their fans during select games throughout the year. The Atlanta Braves just announced their game promotions and bobbleheads that they will giveaway for the upcoming season.

Why do I mention this? I’m a collector. I love swag, and baseball swag is no different. In fact, I’ve started collecting bobbleheads from my favorite teams and players. I have quite a few from the Atlanta Braves, several of my favorite player Hank Aaron, and even a few from the year I lived near Kansas City going to Royals games.

Here’s a photo of my collection of my bobbleheads and memorabilia in my home office.

How to see baseball games for free

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