6 Money Tips for College Students

Reasons to Add Fun Money to Your Budget

When you’re in college, you have so many opportunities to go and have fun, explore the world, and open your mind. However, most of these things come with a price tag. As a college student, money will be tight for quite some time. Even if you have a job, college is expensive, and unless you received a full scholarship to the school of your choosing, be prepared for hefty bills and not a lot of disposable income. Tips for College Students If you’re smart about your money, though, you can save a little bit, pay your bills, and still enjoy your time. Follow our six money tips for college students to help keep you on track. Watch What Loans You … Read more

Day to Day Financial Mistakes that Hold the Average Person Back

Things I Should Have Known Better About My Finances

While there’s no doubt that some people get some hugely lucky financial breaks in life, on the whole, the size of your bank account is solely down to you. Some people might have been handed a head-start, but the fact that others have become billionaires from nothing shows exactly how your financial destiny is completely in your own hands. Others have financial mistakes. Financial Mistakes that Hold You Back Sure, by the end of this article you’re not going to be armed with all of the knowledge you need to become a billionaire as well, but we will hopefully educate you on some of the common financial mistakes that are probably holding you back. From here on, you can at … Read more

How to Budget – Getting Started Budgeting with Your First Budget

Best Way to Budget with Irregular Income

Do you know how to budget? A lot of people hate the B word. I have to admit it myself that I do not enjoy budgeting. Many people try to fake it by simply calling it a “spending plan”. But, budgeting is a great way to make sure that you have enough money to pay the bills each month. It is also a way for you to save for different financial goals you may have in life like retiring early, finishing your bucket list, or sending your children to college. The hardest part of budgeting may be simply starting. So many people do not know where to start or how to get going. Keeping track of the money you spend … Read more

How to Cut the Cost Buying Your First Car

Are you worried about the cost of your first car? Here are some of the best ways that you can save a fantastic amount of money.  Buy Used The Right Way Financial experts agree that it’s never a smart decision to buy a car brand new. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, so your first car definitely shouldn’t be straight out of the factory. Instead, you should opt for a used vehicle. By doing this, you can avoid the depreciation disaster. A car is always going to depreciate fast but you’ll lose more on a new vehicle. With a used car, you’ll pay less at the start and therefore less overall. You can also make sure that you … Read more

Does Your Business Need a Commercial Mortgage?

Even with the rise of the internet and remote working, the majority of businesses in the world still operate through a storefront. Many of these businesses may be starting out or are looking to expand on their current operations. If you’re looking to open up a store or are wanting to grow, chances are you are quite familiar with a commercial mortgage, also known as a commercial real estate loan. Below, we’ll go over the basics of a commercial mortgage and help you decide if that’s a step you need to take for your business. What’s a commercial mortgage anyway? To start off, let’s review what a commercial mortgage is. The word “mortgage” is something you have probably heard about … Read more

How to Turn Down Family Members Who Keep Asking for Money

How to Turn Down Family Members Who Keep Asking for Money

A wise person once said, “Most stress is caused by three things: family, money, and family with no money.” Family means the world to a lot of us, but when they start asking for money, that’s when things start to get complicated. A recent study found that over a third of respondents said that money was the primary cause of friction in their relationships, and stress in any relationship can be detrimental. Whether your spouse is bad with money, a family member was hit hard by unexpected financial setbacks, or a friend keeps asking you for money to get by (or possibly fund an addiction), there are a few things you should consider when a loved one seeks financial help from … Read more