The Difference Between the Dow Industrial Average and S&P 500 Index

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Some of the most common benchmarks in the world of stock investing are the Dow Jones Industrial Average (also referred to as just “the Dow”) and Standard and Poor’s 500 (also referred to as simply “S&P 500”). These stock market indexes are often confused for one another, but they have many differences that are important for investors to understand. The Dow vs S&P 500 Wondering what differentiates the Dow from the S&P 500 index? Here’s what you need to know. Dow Jones Industrial Average The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) began in 1896 and has focused on the top 30 blue-chip stocks (high value, low volatility) ever since. The Dow is comprised of many well-known companies from a variety of … Read more

PeerStreet Review – How to Earn Between 6%-10%? Rate of Return

Many investors understand the benefits of investing in real estate, but there are high barriers to entry involved that can prevent people from investing in more than one or two properties at a time. If you don’t want (or are unable) to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a down payment on a single property (not to mention other time and financial resources demanded by property and tenant management), then what options are left for you? Enter PeerStreet: an online marketplace that offers tremendous access to high-quality real estate loan investments. This company blends Big Data with in-depth real estate investing expertise to provide a variety of property investment opportunities for people seeking greater diversification within their portfolios. Whether … Read more

What To Do With An Inheritance? – 3 Crucial Money Moves To Make

Why You Need To Create A Will

I’ve always said that you should dream about winning the lottery. While it is an extremely long shot to win the lottery, it isn’t that far fetched to receive a lump sum as an inheritance. Many people are often expecting or have already received an inheritance, even if it is a meager one of $5,000 or in the millions. But, do you know what to do with an inheritance? But, what do you do when you come into a large sum of money or highly valued assets thanks to an inheritance? There are several steps that you should consider taking when you receive an inheritance. Here are just a few things to consider when you receive a large sum of … Read more

7 Easy Ways for Students to Save on Transportation Costs

Save on College Transportation Costs

Commuting to school is hard enough for college students, but affording a parking permit and finding a parking spot on campus can be a nightmare for many students. Oftentimes, universities sell far more permits than they have spaces available for students, which is a huge problem for commuters who subsequently spend several minutes (or even close to an hour) driving around campus just to find a place to park their cars. But, there are ways to save on college transportation costs. It’s a huge hassle that is not only a waste of money. Why pay for a resource if it’s not consistently available? But, also a waste of time for students who would rather get to class on time through … Read more

5 Reasons It Is Wise to Shop for Mortgages

How To Make Preparing To Apply For A Mortgage Go Smoothly

For many people, a mortgage represents the single largest credit source they will ever use. With houses costing hundreds of thousands these days, applying for a mortgage can be a scary thing. Know this though: shopping around is wise. Anyone planning to purchase a home in the near future would do well to start shopping for mortgages well before they begin looking at properties. The truth of the matter is that not all mortgages are alike. Furthermore, not all of them represent good deals. Some of them are downright bad deals that should be ignored entirely. The thing is, you will not know unless you shop around. Shopping for mortgages is a lot like shopping for car insurance. Still not … Read more

How to Control Your Email Inbox with the Time Management Ninja AND New Book!

Years ago, I interviewed Craig Jarrow, The Time Management Ninja, for a podcast about taking back control of your email inbox. His insights are amazing, and I’ve included the full interview below. Craig is also out with a new book this month, “Time Management Ninja: 21 Rules for More Time and Less Stress in Your Life“?. I’ve been a huge fan of The Management Ninja – a.k.a. Craig. His blog is amazing! His books are amazing! I’ve interviewed him once (a long time ago) on Money Q&A. I’ll look to repost that blog post soon. You’ve got to check his new book out. It’s great!? You want more time in your life. Time to spend with family, to achieve big … Read more